10 Success Rules – No 2

Getting started

Today we pick the runner-up in Jonny’s Top Ten Coaching Success Rules to help you earn what you deserve as a coach, trainer or therapist in 2018.


This is a really useful Rule for anyone who suffers from anxiety, angst or procrastination about getting started with a programme or campaign.

These are some of the stories I hear from the mouths of coaches, therapists and consultants I work with:

  • I just need to finish my website, then I can start getting clients
  • I haven’t got the payment system set up yet
  • I need a bigger following
  • I need to write more content
  • I need a better webcam/mic/phone

Fact is, you only need one thing to be a coach:

A client who pays you. Preferably more than one, but one’s a lot better than none.

You can coach standing nose-to-nose with someone in a field. You don’t need anything to start coaching, and nothing has to happen first.

Find where your ideal client is waiting, and go talk to her.


PS – Xmas special for £99. Nothing has to happen first, but this will help. One more chance to grab an hour with me, and we can talk about what happens next, and how you make money from it.  

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