10 Success Rules – No 5


We’re into the final 5 of Jonny’s Top Ten Success Rules to help you earn what you deserve as a coach, trainer or therapist in 2018.


This seems obvious, but being physically well is all too often taken for granted.

Optimum health takes attention, and covers 3 key areas:

  • Nutrition – ensuring your fuel intake gives your body all it needs to survive and thrive
  • Exercise – make your movement routine a habit, to be practiced every day
  • Sleep – a huge indicator of a long and healthy life is your 8-hour daily recharge. Don’t skip it

As coaches, you’ve spent a lifetime learning what you know today. You now need to impact as many people as you can with your wisdom and power.

Doing that takes longevity, and it’s a tragic waste of all you’ve been through if you let your body fade away before your work is done.


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