10 Success Rules – No 6

We’re into the final 6 of Jonny’s Top Ten Success Rules to help you earn what you deserve as a coach, trainer or therapist in 2018.


As I’ve talked about a lot this year, to be an expert, impactful coach, you need to give yourself time to breathe, perform and share your true wisdom with your clients.

It’s hard to do that if you’re dashing about doing a hundred things at once, posting here, commenting there and trying to be everywhere all the time.

Here’s how to calm it all down and maximise your effort-to-income ratio:

  • Ask your current and past clients who they know who might also benefit from what you do
  • Pick ONE social media channel where your ideal clients hang out, and work on that
  • Have a maximum of five items on your daily “to-do” list, and make them revenue-generating if possible
  • Don’t travel to see clients. Video sessions are every bit as impactful unless physical contact is part of what you do
  • Focus on gaining a few high-ticket 1-2-1 or Group coaching clients first, before trying to sell low-value digital courses

Contrary to what your dad might have told you, the correct answer to the question “Are you busy?” is “No, why would I be?”


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