15 reasons they all failed

“Why This Marketing Stuff Doesn’t Work For Me”
[Feel free to add your own]

🥹 I work full time
🥹 I work part time
🥹 I’m a single mom
🥹 My ICA is different
🥹 My business is different
🥹 My brain’s different
🥹 I’m an introvert
🥹 I’m an extrovert
🥹 I don’t look good on video
🥹 Social media is a waste of time
🥹 I need all my ducks in a row first
🥹 I get overwhelmed with All The Things
🥹 I’m no good with technology
🥹 With my skills, I shouldn’t have to market
🥹 It’s alright for Jonny (or whoever) because they’re them and I’m me

None of those things is the reason you’re not successful.

The fact you think they’re the reason is the reason.

Love you lots

PS: Thanks to my friend Sarah Short from The Coaching Revolution for reminding me why our work matters. 🥰

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