2 Types Of Content

Two types of content? 


Static Content (SC) like your banners, headlines, names and descriptions

Dynamic Content (DC) like your posts, emails, DM and blogs

SC dictates how people feel about you when they find you
DC helps them decide what they do next

SC will drive how many people accept your connection requests
DC will affect whether and how they continue the conversation

SC helps people feel clarity about who you are and what you do
DC helps them decide what to buy from you, and when

Both are important, but here’s a stunning reality if nobody’s responding to your content or taking up your offers:

There’s no point trying to do Dynamic Content if you haven’t nailed your Static Content first. 

Your Static Content defines your brand foundation, so your Dynamic Content only has to build on that.

But get your Static Content right, and it’ll do the heavy lifting for you. 

Love you lots

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