25 questions to ask yourself


Imagine if you were able to confirm once and for all that you’re on the right track.

Or – even more fun – that you’re better suited to a more rewarding vocation doing something else…

Here’s what you do to find out:

  • Carve out 45 – 60 minutes and go sit somewhere calm
  • In a blank journal, start writing out questions to ask yourself
  • Think family, career, leisure, health, wealth…anything that comes to mind
  • When you’ve written 25 questions, pick out your top five – ones that seem most important to you
  • Finally, pick ONE question from your top five – the most powerful, resonant and compelling on the list

When I ran this exercise recently, my number one question was:

“How can I work less and have more impact on more people?”

Fact is, I’m already working on the answer, and I’m getting closer to it every day, doing exactly what I’m doing right now.

Give it a go, and tell me your big question.

I’d love to hear it, and I’ll even try and help you answer it. 

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