3 Steps To Happiness


Entrepreneur and writer Russ Ruffino talks about the three things you need to create happiness from your coaching, therapy or training business.

1 – INCOME – This is directly linked to the number of offers you make to people who can afford to pay you what you’re worth. It’s as easy (and as hard!) as identifying your ideal clients and telling them how you can help them, regularly.

2 – FREEDOM – The permission to be where you want, whenever you want springs from your ability to set up a 21st century practice that doesn’t need YOU to be there, permanently in a specific location. Automation, delegation and abdication are the bywords that’ll gain you true freedom.

3 – CONTRIBUTION – Once you’ve attained “happiness-levels” of income and freedom, the icing on the cake is doing work that changes people’s lives, deeply and joyfully. Creating great results for your clients will spur you on to even greater heights of income and freedom, so this is probably the most important of the three steps.

As Ruffino reminds us, people all over the world need YOUR help, right now. They have nagging problems and burning desires that only YOU can solve or satisfy.

Remember the legendary Zig Ziglar? He had it right when he said:

You can get anything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.

How’s your happiness plan coming along?


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