5 Pro-Tips for success

At the JHM Xmas Party yesterday, we dished out £10k of pressies to everyone who showed, and I also dispensed five Pro-Tips for success in 2022 or any year.

If you missed the party, here are the five Pro-Tips in reverse order (just to build up the tension):

5: When in doubt what to write about, enter the conversation they’re already having

This is the antidote to writing random thoughts that appeal to hardly anyone. Analyse conversations, posts and message from your actual clients, and write your stuff in their words.

4: It’s easier to sell a few expensive things than lots of cheap things

Build your signature programme, and get into regular conversations with people who might buy it. Some of them will, and you’ll save a lot of hassle.

3: If in doubt – put your prices up

This is the #1 easiest way to make more money, as it requires no more effort compared to what you’re already doing. Also, price rises go straight to your bottom line, as your expenses stay the same.

2: Pick 3 keys things you’re going to do every day

Blow those massive to-do lists out of the water and laser-focus on three Golden Actions that will drive results. Inviting new members to your community, posting content and starting conversations might be on this (very) short list.

1: Start a conversation with one person a day you didn’t speak to before

And here’s your #1. For now and forever, if you can start one new conversation every day, you’ll have a sustainable, scalable business. The rest of your marketing is providing you with a steady flow of people to talk to. So, don’t forget to talk.

These five Pro-Tips sum up the work we’re doing in JHM, but they’re just little dots on the blank canvas that’s your business.

Maybe it’s time to join your dots and grab a seat on the final Client Attraction Blueprint intake before prices go up 25% on the 1st Jan. 


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