5 Steps To 5 Figure Months

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“5-figure month” is a nice concept.

It opens the door to six-figure years, and brings with it impact, renown and respect.

Here’s a shortlist of ways you can wind up your glorious business and really get something going on:

1: Solve a big, expensive problem – helping people achieve what they want will get you what you want

2: Work with people who can afford you – identify your charitable endeavours, and don’t confuse them with your real business

3: Wear your brand and mission like a jacket – make sure we understand you the moment we find you, and don’t make us beg for insights and information

4: Have more conversations – your programmes won’t fly off the shelf from a “BUY NOW” link often enough to make you a living

5: Develop daily habits – that way you can work out what works, and what doesn’t, and consistently work on the former, ignoring the latter

Which one of those is your strongest suit right now?
Which one is your biggest weak spot?

Love you lots

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