7 ways to light up their lives

I revealed seven simple messages guaranteed to light up your readers and put a smile on their faces. 

That’ll help them to the realisation you’re a kind, helpful and empathetic person.

Which you are, right?

Here are the super seven:

  • Just to say thanks for being active in my community
  • Saw this and thought of you [sending an article or resource]
  • Loving your work. The world needs more [their name]
  • You’re really good at this, aren’t you?
  • I see you’re looking great in your videos!
  • I have a secret desire to do what you do!
  • After all this time trying, you really deserve to [succeed/thrive/be healthy etc]!

All those phrasings can be adapted, lengthened and slotted into your own messages.

But here’s the big message:

Paying genuine attention to people’s lives will rapidly move them closer to becoming perfect clients.

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