A batch of good ideas

One of my biggest productivity hacks is batching repetitive tasks into one session. 

This works because it takes time to get set-up and rolling with any new job.

Think about the costs of commissioning a print run of a book. If you buy 500, it only costs 5x as much as 50.

Getting going is expensive, in time and energy.

Here are some things I batch:  

  • Alexa Flash Briefings – recording 30 at a time makes way more sense than one a day
  • Client calls – 2 days a week back-to-back just flows nicely
  • Social posts – two hours writing and scheduling covers the week’s “anchor” content
  • Replying to emails – once a day stops them interrupting anything important!
  • Sleep – 8 hours straight works better than nodding off every half-hour

Batching is about momentum, focus and economy of effort.

And because getting started is the hardest part, best keep it to a minimum, right? 


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