A guaranteed success!

When we asked for topics for DBTs last week, Israeli-based JHM member Eli Shine suggested this corker:

“Can We Guarantee Success?”

Well, if it’s about you guaranteeing your own success, you’d need one thing:

  • A regular, sustainable and scalable source of new clients, costing you less to acquire than the revenue they make you

Of course, that’s the simple outcome of a dynamic, fluid and ever-changing conundrum that you’d had to have cracked, and keep on cracking.

If the question’s about an external guarantee – person X giving iron-clad success warranties on a service they’re providing to person Y, that’s a different story:

  • Nobody can, so don’t trust anyone who says that.

In your work as a coach, trainer or therapist, you’re [at best] half the solution.

And your client’s the more important half.

So, no, we can’t guarantee success – ours or anyone else’s

We should just guarantee to try our best on the day, in the circumstance we find ourselves.

Hopefully, that’ll be enough.


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