A horrifying to-do list

If your daily task reminders are all about posting letters, writing content and calling the doctor, you’re probably not pushing yourself enough to create success and prosperity. 

The best to-do list contains stuff that truly scares you, stretches you and creates massive transformational benefits.

Look at this terror-inducing menu:

  1. Call the guy who didn’t buy your programme on the call last week and ask him why. Don’t hang up until he’s given you a yes or no to your best and final offer.
  2. email the richest person you know and ask to have a coffee with them to discuss your business growth.
  3. Do a Live video to your audience every day this week and talk about how you can help them.
  4. Tell your tribe you’re launching a programme that costs 10x what you’re charging at the moment. Then build and launch it. Next week.
  5. Block out 7-8 AM 3 mornings a week. Go to the gym.

Those are not direct prescriptions for you personally, but you get the idea.

What’d be on your 5-point most-scary to-do list?


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