Are You A Big Fish?

Being a big fish in a small pond must feel kinda cool.

You know, that whole vibe:

  • Being admired for your size and stature
  • Getting respect and fear from the little fishes
  • No worries about anyone picking an argument
  • Knowing exactly where all your boundaries are
  • You can outpace the other fishes with hardly any effort

On the other hand…

Imagine leaping across the small grassy divide into another, really big pond. Suddenly:

  • You feel uncomfortable and intimidated to start with
  • But, you see how much more room there is to grow
  • There are HUGE, fast fishes who you can swim with
  • It hits you how little you really knew back in that grubby lil’ puddle
  • Soon your new pond feels normal, and you realise you’re twice the size you were before!

If you do ONE smart thing different in the next 12 months, pick a bigger pond.


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