Are You An Imposter?

Imposter Syndrome

How many times have you looked at other peoples’ businesses and thought “I’m not worthy”?

Or stood up in front of an audience and questioned what you’re even doing there?

Or, taken a compliment and not believed they really meant it?

If you have, you’ve experienced imposter syndrome – a kind of toxic self-deprecation which can stop you in your tracks, if you let it.

The mistaken belief that you’re not up to it – whatever “it” is – can be countered with some logical thinking:

  • If someone calls you an expert, take it. In their eyes you are, and others will surely follow
  • You only have to be one step ahead of the person you’re helping, and they’ll benefit from your wisdom
  • If you’re stuck, admit it. Nobody expects you to know everything, off the cuff, right?
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. You know nothing of their journey, which is always different to yours
  • Practice, practice, practice. The better you get, the less you’ll ever feel inadequate

Finally, if you’re ever in doubt whether imposter syndrome is a “thing”, it’s worth noting that Tom Hanks reputedly suffers from it!


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