Are you falling with the leaves?

I like to define and divide my working year by the seasons themselves.

There’s no point in inventing another calendar, and it makes perfect sense to create an ebb and flow in tune with the way the world naturally works.

As we head into Autumn 2019, there’s lots to accomplish.

It’s not only about ending the year on the highest of high peaks, but it’s about getting set up, at least in outline, for how much higher we can scale in 2020.

At this point, there’s literally no reason not to sketch out your wildest dreams of abundance. Here’s some ideas:

  • If you’re sick of living with cold winters and rainy summers, where could you move to that would guarantee sunshine?
  • If you want to double your revenue, what would you need to do to achieve just that?
  • If you want a dream car/house/[insert desired stuff here] picture it, cost it, and target it, on paper
  • If finding a perfect business partner is your goal for next year, get out and meet people, now
  • If you’d like to contact Richard Branson and ask for his help, what’s stopping you?

In fact, all you ever need to do to meet any goal is make a plan and execute it, good and hard.

What’s your wildest dream for 2020?


PS – Here’s a wild gig. Working with me for three months, on YOUR 2020 dreams.

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