Are you floating or sinking?

Talking with a business coach the other day, we discussed the great impact we were having on our clients’ lives and businesses. 

“It’s such a fun way to earn money”, she said.

I agree.

Getting paid for working with smart, inspiration people seems like a dream vocation.

It floats my boat, for sure.

But it’s not always been like this. 

I was more sinking than floating for years, when I took on work from anyone, anywhere.

Sure, I was getting results – sometimes – and I was getting paid – here and there.

But, I felt burned out, under-appreciated and over-worked.

What changed?

I met a guy earning twice what I was, working half as hard and with similar skills.

He showed me how to clear out the clutter, and work only with the people I wanted to.

So, here I am.

Boat. Floated.

How about you? 


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