Are you giving it all away?

I had a coach ask recently how she could swing people into her paid coaching, after she’d already “solved all their problems” on the initial introduction call.

Here’s how I unpack that one:

  • It’s irresponsible to “coach” someone you just met, as you can’t possibly know enough about who they are or what they want to offer any kind of useful solution.
  • An initial call should be about discovery and calibration. Discovering what they need, and calibrating whether you’re the right person to provide that.
  • The client’s unlikely to value what you give her for free, and therefore won’t take any action on your advice. That way, you both lose.
  • It’s inconceivable that you can solve any deep problems, feed any meaningful desires or drive lasting transformation in a single call. Just not possible.
  • Finally, why give your best stuff away? Learn to charge what you’re worth, and build meaningful relationships of impact and mutual value.

I could go on, but in case you’re still unclear:

Don’t coach for free. 

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