Are you guilty of misuse?

One of my favourite authors, Robin Sharma, wrote:

“Each day you receive a gift: the chance to show kindness to others. To neglect this present is to misuse your days.” 

In our business, practising fundamental, underlying kindness is a great way to move forward and create a loyal following.

See what happens when you try these ideas:

  • Deliberately over-delivering on a programme or support package
  • Sending a little thank-you gift to a new client
  • Writing someone a recommendation on social media, without them asking
  • Spotting a cry for help, and responding by helping
  • Saving a not-so-perfect client time and money by declining to work with them
  • Passing a referral on to someone more suited to the client than you
  • Working hard to get a perfect client onboard, when you know it’ll be good for them
  • Making sure your loyal clients are the first to know when you’ve launched a valuable new programme

All that stuff has a habit of bringing new riches right to your door.

Being kind often comes with a pay-cheque.


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