Are you mad?

Sunday afternoon we launched a challenge in the Group to encourage you to invite other coaches and therapists to join us in this great community.

We had dozens of people invited in the first hour, and my team was right on the ball sifting through invites.

But you know what?

From at least 50% of the profiles, we had no idea whether they were coaches, therapists, candlestick makers, brain surgeons or even if they were still alive.

That’s around 25 people we got introduced to, in one afternoon, who made literally no mention of what they do on their Facebook profile.

What the actual f**k!!??

This means our team is sniffing around their timelines in case there’s a hint in some historic post about whether they’re a coach or therapist.

I’ve heard of “best kept secret” but this is just batshit crazy.

Completely mad.

“Let’s start a business and tell nobody about it. We’ll see how many people can guess what we actually do”

Here’s the bottom line.

No potential client will ever be bothered to spend time digging around to work out whether you’re the one they need right now.

Give us a clue.

This ain’t brain surgery.


PS – The JHM Community Challenge features prizes including a 14″ Lenovo laptop, so head on over and check it out here.

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