Are You On Target?

With 20{87a57dffff3f15402708bd6d4fa6cb73125da737a01ee576ca36cfcfa083af5b} of 2018 under our belt already, I’m wondering if you’re on target.

Not “kind of”, or “will be” or “should be soon.”

No, I mean actually meeting or exceeding the goals you set for yourself at the start of January.

Because if you’re not, there are only two ways to recover ground and get on track before the other 80{87a57dffff3f15402708bd6d4fa6cb73125da737a01ee576ca36cfcfa083af5b} of the year drains away faster than you can imagine.

  1. You can knuckle down, blood, sweat and tears spraying from you like a fire hose, and keep on doing what you’re doing.
  2. You can get help from someone who knows what you’re going through and can inspire, motivate and teach you what you need to be doing better.

Here’s what some coaches and therapists said after they asked me to help them recently:

  • Just had a wonderful webinar with Jonny. Learned heaps and now I’m ready to conquer the world – Martine Brissone – Health and Wellness Coach
  • A huge thank you to Jonny Cooper, who helped me take a moment of inspiration and a jumble of good ideas into a realistic, marketable business – Nicky O’Sullivan – Divorce Coach
  • Thank you Jonny for a fab masterclass today, loads of practical advice and tips to take away and be getting on with – Alice Mango – Thrive Coaching
  • Just finished Jonny’s amazing masterclass about Facebook Groups. Very informative and huge clarity – Steve Smythe – YourFunnelCTO
  • If you are a transformation professional, coach, or trainer then you NEED to connect with Jonny – Stefan Boyle – Business Growth Expert
  • Since working with Jonny I have a clear understanding for where I want to take my business and why. – Brenton Hamilton – Personal Trainer

I’d love to bring some of that stuff to your life, and make sure you’re on course to make this your best year ever.

The all-new Client Attraction Blueprint – my small-group, high attention 12-week programme – is kicking off in a couple of weeks, and it couldn’t have come at a better time if you’re looking to turn 2018 around.

If you’re not crushing it by the end of March, there’s a huge possibility that you won’t at all.

You know what happens if you keep on doing what you’ve been doing, all by yourself?

You keep on getting what you’ve been getting.

Let me save you from that madness.

Book a call to talk for as long as you need and want – my treat.

I promise you’ll be writing a testimonial like those above, and dancing your way back to all your goals.


PS – The Client Attraction Blueprint comes with a money-back guarantee. If you’re not getting what you expected, you don’t pay. 

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