Are you on this list?

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If you’re reading this on Sunday, I thought you might have a little time to reflect on how it applies to you. 

You see, most coaches and therapists in JHM are afflicted with one or more of the spirit-crushers on this list:

🤯 Hardly anyone knows who you are or what you do
🤯 You have a mental block when you sit down to write
🤯 You’re trying to help everyone, so you appeal to no one
🤯 Nobody sees you as the ONLY solution to their problem
🤯 You’re doing All The Things, and missing your one BIG thing
🤯 You’re working like a maniac, selling hourly sessions one at a time
🤯 You’re afraid of upsetting people, so you show up vanilla-flavoured
🤯 You tell everyone (including yourself) how much you hate marketing

As you probably know by now, I’m Jonny Cooper, and I also hate marketing.

Well, I used to.

I was a long-term sufferer with the vagueness virus, and I always had a rag-bag of random business clients who overworked me, underpaid me and made me jump through hoops before they’d even talk to me.

Turns out I was doing it all wrong – showing up needy, underwhelming and confusing.

Don’t worry, I’ve got a thriving business now, but it’s taken half a decade.

And I really don’t want you to spend the next 5 years on the breadline.

So, here’s the good news:

I’ve built an all-new anti-marketing community for experts just like you, so you can crack the code of organic client attraction without working like a dog or losing your mind.

It’s called the JHM Inner Circle, and if you’re in it you’ll know how it’s rapidly becoming the #1 Membership Community for Coaches and Therapists in the WWW [Whole Wide World].

I’ve built this right now for one reason:

The coaching and therapy marketplace is already WAAAAY too crowded in 2020, and it’s about to get a whole lot worse. 

Without a personal brand, a client avatar and a single, clear message, you’ll be swamped by others doing this stuff smarter than you, and you don’t stand a chance of even staying where you are, let alone building the business of your dreams.

As I see it, you have three options today:

  1. Do nothing and stay where you are
  2. Try and work it out yourself (even though that hasn’t worked yet)
  3. Join The JHM Inner Circle and have me and the community running with you all the way

If you’ve read this far on your precious day off, I salute you!

I know how valuable your time is.

So, I’m going to let you take a look at the whole Inner Circle Membership platform at NO COST TO YOU for a whole 7 days. 

Over the next week you can:

  • Check out the 100s of hours of trainings, expert interviews and live coaching sessions
  • Show up and talk on the Members-Only Secret Zoom Session next Thursday
  • Even download all 12 ebooks in the content vault and run away with them!

And if you don’t fancy staying after your 7-day trial, you owe me nuthink.

Give it a go, and let me strike you off that soul-destroying list.

Love you lots

PS – Here’s the full link to check it out:

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