Are you open to this idea?

Much of coaching is about listening. 

Asking questions, and listening to the answers.

Asking more questions in response, and listening again.

But sometimes, dispensing knowledge and advice is what’s called for.

When I spot a way to help someone move forward in a constructive way, I’m always very aware that ingrained habits may need to be abandoned. Maybe even fundamental beliefs and long-practised behaviours could have to be reconsidered, scrapped and replaced with better ones.

Faced with that, some sensitivity may be called for.

Offence is easily taken, even if none was intentionally given. 

I’ve developed a prefix question that makes for a relaxed and receptive client.

I ask,

Are you open to the idea that there may be a more effective way to do this?  

Humans are generally averse to being labelled closed-minded, so most people say, yes, I am.

The first steps on the path to transformation are thus easier for us to define and take.

Try asking that, and let me know how it works for you. 


PS – Postcards from LA? You bet! 

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