Are you optional?

JHM is divided, these last weeks.

Some of you are saying business as usual-ish.

Others are reporting how it’s all collapsed, and clients are vanishing like spectres in the mist, with barely a goodbye wave.

And you know what’s really happening there?

If they said they wanted to work with you and suddenly they don’t?

They shunted you into the “Not Needed In Case Of Emergency” pile.

People are still buying food.

They’re still buying toilet rolls.

They’re buying medicine.

But your medicine?


And that should never be the case, in good times or bad.

If you are not seen as THE irresistible solution to their biggest challenges – the elixir to all their ills – then something’s not quite right.

Whatever the weather, you’re helping fewer people who really need you.

And you’re earning less than you should, in any kind of economy.

The situation you’re in today is just a grotesque amplification of what you were leaving on the table before. 

Then it hurt you just a bit, now it’s killing you.

If your clients have left you in numbers, look inward for the solution. Laser-focus on your proposition and decide who’d benefit the most from it.

Then start conversations with 5 people a day who look like your next ideal client.

A related question: do you really believe all those who are deserting you will ever come back?

They might, but now’s not the time for waiting and holding your breath.

It’s the time for making yourself more IMPORTANT.


PS – We’re going to show you how to do this in the Private Members Club Secret Session this week. You in?

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