Are You Rich Yet?

Rich Poor

It’s Independence Week here in The Success Party, and we’re going to focus on one of the key drivers of personal independence and freedom: financial wealth.

If you’re interested in achieving financial independence, here are three key differences I’ve observed between the way rich people behave, and the way poor people behave:

Rich people focus on rewards
Poor people focus on risk

Rich people admire and hang out with successful, wealthy people
Poor people envy wealthy people and hang out with other poor people

Rich people are always promoting themselves and selling their products or services
Poor people feel uncomfortable selling and shy away from self-promotion

There are other drivers of wealth, for sure, but I’ve picked out three habits which I’ve found consistently distinguish rich and poor people.

Isn’t it interesting that all three of those things are simple choices you can make now, today, about how you’re going to show up and present yourself to the world?

It’s almost as if the DECISION to be rich is entirely in your hands. 


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PPS – Thanks to T Harv Eker for reminding me about this stuff

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