Are you too wacky?

Reinventing the wheel is not an option in 2022.

At best, there’s an infinitely small chance that a new, completely original idea will capture an audience and gain traction.

As a coach, if you come up with a wacky idea for which no-one else has a substitute, it’s probably rubbish.

Even if it isn’t, most times when something’s brand new, any potential audience needs educating about what it is and won’t accept it right away.

“I didn’t realise I needed that” isn’t a useful reaction to your fabulous new concept.

All you truly need to succeed in building your tribe is an understanding of what they think they want ALREADY.

Then, demonstrate you can provide a solution that’s believable and makes them comfortable with taking the next step towards you.

Of course, you can’t help but infuse originality in the way you deliver your solution, because you’re you, and nobody else is, right?


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