Ask yourself this…


Reading James Clear this morning, as I often do, he asked me a great question:

“If you met someone exactly like yourself…

– same experience
– same resources
– same problems

…what advice would you give them?”

Clear is outlining a smart way to detach yourself from the outcome of any challenges you face, and make a dispassionate case for a sensible solution.

Imagine someone else asking you those things that you may have asked yourself, and recently: 

  • I have to pay a £5k tax bill this month, so where can I find the money?
  • I’m starting out with no clients, so what should I do first?
  • How can I keep motivated if I have to work alone at home all year long?
  • How do I come up with a great name for my new programme?
  • Should I raise my prices, even as the world is in deep crisis?

How would you advise someone just like you in those matters?

If you can answer them, maybe your own problems could be solved using the same technique. 

Love you lots

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