Bad news for you in 2019

If you’ve spent this year feeling any of this, at least in part, I have some bad news:

  • Clients have been thin on the ground
  • You had hundreds of “chats” but few sales
  • You’ve been working too much
  • Marketing has been overwhelming you
  • You’ve not earned enough to pay the bills

Feeling any of that is pretty grim, right?

But the really bad news?

It’s not going to get better by itself. 

The cure for all that stuff is simple, if a little hard to find:

You need a sustainable, dependable daily process for starting conversations with people who look like your ideal clients, and enrolling them onto your programme. 

It’s simple, because once you have it, it’s there forever.

It’s hard to find, because not everyone knows how to do it.

If you’re ready to crack the code of client attraction for your business, I’ve opened up a handful of slots to talk about how we can make that happen. 

Just don’t start 2019 hoping 2018’s ills will fix themselves.

It doesn’t work that way.


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