Can You Make Time?

Building a modern coaching, training or therapy practice gives you the opportunity to do what would have seemed impossible a few years ago.

It’s called time-leverage, and from the outside it looks and feels like you actually MADE more time.

Here are the building-blocks to get you to that point:

  • Stop doing non-essential stuff. You already know what that is, don’t you?
  • Automate everything you can. The tools are easy to find
  • Work with trainers and coaches so you don’t have to learn from YOUR mistakes
  • Delegate whatever needs doing, but doesn’t need you doing it
  • Create passive income from subscriptions to low/medium priced programmes
  • Switch from 1-2-1 sessions to group programmes

None of those are difficult to put in place.

So, what’s stopping you?


PS – Time-leverage is a foundation of everything we teach in The Success Project LIVE, my 12-week, small-group, high-attention programme starting soon. It’s for professional coaches, therapists, trainers and consultants who are serious about finding more of their ideal clients, more easily. Enrollment’s open for another couple of weeks, but it’s nearly full. Check out the details!

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