Can you even imagine this?


In the Coaching Freedom Club Secret Sessions, we often discuss the idea of outrageous goals.

Like what it would take to 10x your business. 

As in, turn £30k revenue into £300k, or do £50k a MONTH instead of £50k a year.

And we inevitably land on some of the strategies and tactics that’d be a prerequisite of such exponential growth:

  • A deep, unwavering understanding of WHO your ideal client is
  • Seeing the world through their eyes at what’s bugging them, and what’s attracting them
  • A simple, evergreen programme that will answer those bugs and desires
  • Team members who can help you automate and delegate tasks you don’t NEED to be doing yourself
  • A scalable, sustainable process for every aspect of your business

But even with all that in place, you know what will derail your growth, every time, and perhaps forever?

If you can’t imagine what life would be like when you earned that kind of money. 

So maybe that’s the starting point, right?

Imagine what it would be like.  

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