Can you take criticism?

As you grow in stature, reach and authority, people will be taking a pop at you, your posts and your comments.

You become a target when you raise your head above the parapet, and it’s a target that gets bigger and easier to hit, the further you rise.

So what to do?

The next time you get flamed online consider these before you respond:

1: Do they have an emotional stake in what you do, or are they just outsiders looking in?
If the former, they may be genuinely concerned about you and may be worth listening to. If the latter, ignore them and move on.

2: Remember that all criticism is about the critic, not about you.
You know nothing about their journey, and that’s mostly what’s caused their reaction

There’s a vanishingly small chance you’ll change anyone’s position in an online argument these days, so best just remember the golden rule of “Social” Media:

Don’t feed the trolls. 


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