Can You Talk?

I just did an inspirational interview with the irrepressible Simone Vincenzi, founder of GTeX and master public speaker.

This guy gets to talk, on stage, at over 200 events every year, and here’s some of what he told me:

  • Public speaking is the quickest route to turn someone who doesn’t know you into a customer.
  • He regularly makes £5-15K in coaching sales ON THE DAY of an event!
  • People who see and hear him invite him to speak at other events, on the spot
  • He turns away numerous invitations to talk if they don’t meet his criteria
  • He’s committed to building a £Billion business in the next ten years

Whatever your goals for your business, you can’t fault Simone’s work-rate and results.

What’s stopping you booking a speaking event for yourself, right now?

Maybe we’ll all be talking about YOU, sooner than you think.


PS – Here’s the link to the full interview with Simone

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