jonny hates marketing

If you really hate marketing you’ll totally love this!


In Just A Few Short Weeks...

You’ll Transform Your Confusing, Overwhelming, Struggling Coaching Business And
Have A Professional, Legitimate Money-Making Freedom Empire You Can Be Proud Of!

And Much, Much More…
“It’s an end-to-end operations manual for your thriving practice”

Hey it’s me, Jonny. If you don’t already know by now… I HATE marketing.

And as you made it to this page, I’m guessing you hate it too (or at the very least, don’t want to waste your whole life figuring it out).

Because I can’t spend a minute longer than necessary on marketing, I’ve evolved a simple, reproducible system that’s already produced 7-figures in revenue since 2017, and will supercharge your 21st century coaching or therapy business too.

Imagine working closely with your mentor in a quartet of inspirational entrepreneurs just like you for 12 weeks, building your empire brick-by-brick from the inside out.

In the CAB programme, we’ll guide you through my Social Cocoon Method™ the groundbreaking system that takes you from a great idea to a real business from home, while being paid the same or more as a doctor or lawyer.

Even if you’re just starting out, you’ll be up and running in a professional way in just a few weeks.

How can I be so sure?

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Because I’ve already personally taken 400+ CAB members just like you through the Client Attraction Blueprint™, and this is what they’re saying:

And, That’s Not All…

100% of students who completed our follow-up survey said, “Yes!”
They would recommend this program to a friend or colleague.

Why are these coaches so excited about this program?

Because I perfected a proven method to walk them (and now you) through every step needed to build a profitable coaching business.
It’s unlike anything else available today thanks to my Social Cocoon Method™ (which I’ll explain in a minute)

My coaches tell me all the money coming in is nice, but the freedom feels better because they…

No Longer Have To Borrow Money, Ask Permission, Or Bend Their Knee To Anyone. They’re fully in the driver’s seat when they want to and give their families a wonderful life.

One Lady Even Retired Her Husband!
Thanks to my Social Cocoon Method™, you’ll realise that everything you’re told about building a coaching business is unnecessary and a clever distraction to keep you buying more products!

If your goal is a profitable coaching business that can retire you from traditional employment, then the CAB is the last program you will ever need.

no more...

what if...

This client says no to me?

Nobody responds to my message?

Somebody gets offended by my post?

I’m not good enough and I get found out?

My idea doesn’t work and I have to start again?

Friday afternoon.

what i say

I’m not saying none of those things will ever happen to you. Some definitely will. But there’s only one “What-If” I can answer for you today with any degree of accuracy: “What If I Do Nothing?” Simple answer: You’ll stay exactly where you are, forever. You don’t have to live life on the edge of frivolous disaster. You just have to stop worrying what might happen when you do stuff. Trust the process, take determined action, and enjoy the ride. It’ll all work out, I promise.

In Fact, I’ll Make You 5 Promises Right Now:


I promise you’ll get results if you follow and implement the 12 Stages.


I promise you will learn new things.


I promise all your questions will be answered.


I promise to value your time like I do my own.


I promise to care for you, like family.

12 Weeks, 12 Stages,
12 Live Workshops....


Mindset And Grounding: Introductions, authenticity and what you really should be doing


Who Do You Work With?: Let’s identify your ideal client, and why you’re their only solution


Finding Their Voice: Developing the perfect brand that engages and excites your ideal client


Getting To Love Facebook: Reaching out and making the right sort of friends (Your ICAs..!)


Your Own Community On Facebook: Using the greatest social platform for your business


LinkedIn Marketing: Why this “business” network is such a great way to reach people


Your Programme Outline: Laying out your signature programme and starting to build it


Your Programme Content: Honing your irresistible, evergreen transformation product


The Sales Mindset: Enrolling your ideal clients willingly, without “hard” selling


Your Programme Launch: Deploying your programme into the world!


Your Personal Daily Process: Making a simple action list for your evergreen business


Wrap-up Call: What we’ve learnt, results so far, and next steps!!!


Here’s what you’ll get when you join the CAB:

  • 30-minute LIVE 1-2-1 set-up call with your personal mentor
  • 12 x weekly 1 hour LIVE video workshops with your personal mentor
  • Open access to your personal mentor by email and LIVE Messenger throughout
  • Twelve months membership of the Coaching Freedom Club secret Facebook Group
  • Your own Success Plan to track and record progress
  • Accountability partner chosen from the other CAB members
  • PLUS: Your FREE signed copy of Jonny’s #1 Bestselling Book delivered to your home address.
  • Twelve months VIP access to the Coaching Freedom Club Portal with 100s of videos, courses and much more

Meet Your Trainers

Jonny Cooper

British author, piano player, international racing driver and business coach Jonny Cooper is the founder of

Since growing a business to 8-figures and exiting, Jonny’s been supporting coaches, trainers, therapists and consultants who are serious about building their thriving practice, changing the world and enjoying a life of effortless abundance.

His Client Attraction Blueprint programme is filled with eager students every month and he’s closing in on his mission to impact the lives of 1,000,000 professionals by 2025.

Jonny’s Three Pillars of Effortless Marketing provides a template for universal success and growth to any aspiring coaches and therapists, and he’s passionate about increasing the average income across the profession.

He’s also the voice behind the legendary Jonny Hates Marketing Facebook Group, and swears that he really, really does hate marketing.

Lisa Crofton

Award Winning Intuitive Life/Business Coach, Author, Speaker, Nature Lover, Amateur Photographer, Artist at Heart, Spiritual Teacher and owner of The Crofton Method of Intuitive Coaching Practices.

Anchored in the life-freeing ancient practices of The Four Agreements, intuitive intelligence and spiritual connection Lisa has successfully merged her long background as a successful small business marketing consultant with ground-breaking intuitive counseling skill.

Former owner of The Positive Living Center, a holistic co-working space, she now guides, teaches and mentors coaches, therapists and trainers, specializing in powerful mindset shifts, organic marketing practices and entrepreneurial mastery.

Since early 2020, she’s offered her unique expertise and perspective, and loves partnering with Jonny Cooper, of Jonny Hates Marketing, to deliver the wildly successful Client Attraction Blueprint.

Leigh Campbell

Leigh is an Award winning Trauma Psychotherapist and Co Author.She coaches business women worldwide to feel calm, confident and thrive during Peri Menopause.

She recently won an award in Healthcare at the Mighty Women Awards and has featured in the Goddess Got Goals Podcast, The Independent News, Daily Mail and Yahoo News reaching over 36 million people.

People Just Like You Are Getting Big Results FromThe Client Attraction Blueprint

Imagine the time and money you’ll save… and could have saved if only you had a complete coaching business system tailored just for you… 6 months ago… a year ago.

How would your life be different if you already had success with my program?

Maybe there’s even someone whose life you could have saved if only you had your business up and running better.

Getting my direct help from the comfort of your own home with a program that has taken me 5 years to create…all packed up and ready for you to dive into, is a gift I want you to experience.

I believe you are ready.

Something or someone brought you here today. It’s not an accident. Nothing is.
When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. 

A Personal Message From Me

This might be the most important decision you ever make. It’s possible to have a successful coaching practice right now. In fact, it’s boom time in this business right now, and there are more people just like you earning over £100,000 a year than ever before.

I know, I’m doing that myself…

  • Without being online 24/7
  • Without having to become a tech genius
  • Without sleazy sales tactics
  • Without losing my mind

And crucially, without spending a PENNY on ads.

I’ve opened Client Attraction Blueprint for you, right now. It’s the perfect start to the rest of your life if you want to grow your expert business, make the money you deserve, and make the coming years effortlessly successful.

What are your next ten years going to look like? Is there going to be as big a change as my last ten? 

It’s okay to take chances. I’ve always been willing to roll the dice and shake things up: Increasing adrenaline from faster and faster race cars. Playing music at the edge of my ability to huge crowds, three divorces, selling a business and trusting the buyers to pay me (they didn’t). 

Then, pulling the plug and going personally bankrupt to reset my finances

Here I am, 4 marriages in, still kicking and screaming…

If I can do it, you can!

Love you lots