What my dented fridge just taught me

Last night I posted the advert below for free in the Facebook Marketplace and got 23 local enquiries within 18 minutes.

It had already sold on the first enquiry in 4 minutes.

So this just happened.

The door bell goes. I answer it. I’m good like that.

A guy appears outside with a tattered box he’s just dragged out of our lift.

“Delivery” he snorts, before walking off.

I ease the package into our flat and notice one corner’s bashed in like a boxer’s ear.

Somewhere in the supply chain, someone ran out of sh**ts to give.

So I slide out the expected wine cooler to find the bottom of it took a hit too.

I email the supplier, who sends out another one today and says we can keep this one too.

But no, I don’t need TWO wine fridges. I only need the ONE I ordered.

So here it is. One for YOU and one for ME.

Only you don’t pay the £180 I paid. No, you only pay £90.

It’s brand new.
It’ll cool 7 bottles.
It’s dented on the back.
It works.
Everyone’s a winner!


PS: Collect from Sutton, but be quick.
Also PS: It’s 150mm wide, 525mm deep and 870mm tall, so it’s slim and it’ll fit under a kitchen worktop.

1: People love a story. A dozen messages said they laughed reading it.
2: Buyers love value in everything. This proposition was good value.
3: Buyers hate confusion. I explained every aspect of it, clearly and honestly.
4: Facebook has reach. If you’re not getting it, it’s your content and/or your audience.
5: It pays to be open to opportunity. The supplier expected me to dump it, but that would have been disingenuous to its makers and to the planet. Waste not, want not.


PS: February’s FB Groups Mini-Workshop is launching next week. Want in?

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