Do you have a solution?

You might think that the hardest part of your job is to find solutions to your clients problems. 

But actually, that has to be the easy bit.

You’ve trained, studied, upskilled and practiced to the point where you can provide solutions in your sleep.

Trouble is, so can anyone else with similar skills and experience.

This means, if you want to be successful at attracting clients, you need to find an edge beyond simply claiming you have all the solutions. 

Can you guess what that is?

CLUE – it’s the bit that comes before the solution.

Yep – the problem.

Ground Zero in building a thriving business as a 21st century coach or therapist is in learning to define the Big Expensive Problem (BEP) that your ideal client is suffering with.

Get to work on drafting questions, posts, articles and emails that talk consistently about the BEP which matters most to your ICA.

When they see how well you’ve described that problem, they’ll know you get them, and they’ll believe that you know how to solve it.

And solve it you will too, as solutions truly are the easy part for you, right? 

Love you lots

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