Do you have commitment issues?

Commitment issues

As super-coach Mark Bowman says, asking someone to take high-commitment action when they’re in a low-commitment mindset is doomed to failure.

It pains me to see so many coaches and therapists asking too much, too soon of their audience.

For example:

  • Having a button at the top of your website saying “Book A Call” instead of “Grab Your Freebie”
  • Posting “Buy My Stuff” every day, instead of “Here’s Some Cool Ideas”
  • Asking us to reply to an email, instead of “Click Here”
  • Proudly announcing your new high-ticket programme, and expecting us to come knocking
  • Trying to sell a bunch of cheap products before we’ve gotten to know you

Judging where your audience are, as a whole AND as individuals is a core skill. 

Micro-commitments lead to small commitments which lead to big commitments.

You can propose marriage on a first date, but it’s not a renowned success strategy, right?


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