Do you HAVE to do this?

Author Max Shank asks:

“Are your obligations real, or imagined?”

The answer’s clear when it comes to some of life’s more momentous decisions.

  • The wife who leaves her cheating spouse instead of caring for him into their old-age
  • The father who abandons his family for a chance at a restart
  • The beleaguered factory worker who tells her boss where to stick it
  • The industrialist who sets up offshore to slow down his tax outflow
  • The teenager who truants out of school to do something more fun

In truth, there’s very little we’re actually obliged to do on pain of death.

Most decisions lie entirely in our hands, and more especially the little ones. 

  • Hate marketing? Don’t do it.
  • Bored with your clients? Fire them.
  • Niche not working? Find another one.
  • Health deteriorating? Move around and eat better.
  • Always broke? Spend less and earn more.

Your obligations are imagined, more than you imagine. 


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