Do you like fighting?

I’m constantly amazed by the level of stupidity, anger and aggression on social media.

Particularly from people who are trying to attract their ideal clients, presumably.

Here’s what’s not attractive, in a “magnetically drawing people towards you” sort of way:

  • Dramatically stating your position on the latest political hot-potato and warning readers in advance that if they disagree with you, you will destroy them
  • Using the phrase “what you see is what you get with me” before announcing your outlandish and contrary opinion on a widely accepted issue
  • Posting a screenshot of someone expressing a viewpoint or behaviour that “offends” you, and slagging them off remorselessly
  • Filling your newsfeed with consecutive begging posts about your favourite charity
  • Foisting unverifiable pseudo-science on us, whilst claiming that you somehow “know” it’s true and don’t care if we believe you or not
  • Telling us you’re having a “cull” of your friends, and we need to jump through some hoop you just made up if we are to survive it
  • Hijacking someone else’s post with a loud and obnoxious rant that gets 95 responses and isolates you as a nut-job
  • Posting “OMG I’m so sad/broken/scared/in pain”, hoping loads of us will say “Oh no, what’s up babe?” and then not replying at all

etc, etc…you get the idea.

Here’s a much shorter list of what IS attractive, and WILL draw people towards you:

  • Offering value, support and expertise in a way that positions you as an authority in your field, as well as a thoroughly useful, entertaining 3D-human

That’s kind of it, really.

Any questions?


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