Do you want to get my goat?

Here’s how to wind me up, miff me, get a WTF from me, etc etc:

  • Start an email with “I hope you are well” (Thanks Laura Belgray)
  • Forget to tell me what you want me to do next, having landed on your website
  • Fool me into buying something that expires today, then keep selling it tomorrow
  • Write a catchy headline that draws me into watching a tepid, rambling video
  • Tell me you work with people “just like me” when you know nothing about me
  • Insult my intelligence with nonsensical claims that my two year-old would laugh at
  • Slash your price immediately when I won’t bite at your first offer

Actually, that last one made me mad just reading it back.

In short, just remember the First Rule of All Rules:

Don’t be a dick.


PS – And, you really don’t want to get my goat. He’s all mangy and butt-happy.

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