Don’t listen to them!

As a 21st century online coach or therapist, it’s very easy to get seduced by All The Things you “have” to be doing. 

And marketers know this, which is why the latest fad is always the loudest heard.

Master LinkedIn!
LinkedIn is dead!
Conquer ads!
Organic is best!
Build a funnel!
Forget funnels!

Jeez…even I’m confused, and I write about this stuff full-time.

People remark on how chilled I am. About how I’m never in their face. And how my voice is silky and seductive – thanks Mum and Dad.

So, here’s a recipe for calm, from one who’s known for calm:

You don’t need anything that doesn’t serve you right now. Even if it might serve you, you probably don’t need it.

What you DO need – ALL you do need – is to develop the ability to start conversations with people who look like you next ideal client.

Ask. Listen. Solve. 

And then you’ll realise.

You’re only one conversation away from a high-ticket sale. 

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