Don’t use the dirty S-word

Years ago, I was the sales director for a home improvement firm.

I had 10 area managers “under” me, and over 80 salespeople in total.

It was a terrible job. 

The staff we attracted seemed to be largely incompetent, unmotivated and transient.

I spent my days continually recruiting, cajoling, reprimanding…it seemed like a lot of hassle for not enough reward.

Then there was the stigma around being in “sales”.

At parties, my wife used to say, just tell them you’re a company director!

Back then I could only dream of the world we inhabit today, where truly unbelievable stuff happens: 

  • We can build a business earning £100k + a year without a single employee
  • People regularly introduce clients to us without expecting to be paid
  • Clients come find us, instead of us having to chase them round the block
  • We can work with other influencers as affiliates, massively multiplying our reach
  • We can create recurring revenue with an irresistible, value-packed subscription programme

And all that without using the S-word once. 


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