You know damn well that something approaching 88.34% of discounts offered in that pre-Christmas consumerfest are completely fake, right!?

They’re probably bumping up the price so they can knock a bit off.

Or, they’re selling you a stinking pup that was never even worth a fraction of the seemingly irresistible number burning into your retina from your glowing screen.

Yep, snake oil is still snake oil, even when it’s called Essential Oil, branded “posh name & another posh name” and the bottle’s got a golden ribbon round it.

But you’re smart.

You can smell a mingy marketing ploy when you hear one.

That’s why I’m putting together a humdinging, sizzling, mind-blowing, actual, real, live bargain of a Black Friday deal to support, serve and make you money straight away.

It’s going to be a bumper bundle of downloadable hacks, tips and video trainings hand-picked by the JHM Oompa-Loompas for their impact, alacrity and simplicity.

I’m calling the bundle Make 2020 Great Again, in honour of, well, you know what.

Bluntly, a bundle of the best of the best.

It’ll be worth god-knows-how-many-thousands, but it’ll be yours for a devilishly silly price, probably south of 30 British Pounds.

That’s because I loves ya, and I wants to see you thriving.

I’ll tell you more in the week when the hand-crafted gift boxes are back from the lithographers*, but for now, here’s what to do next:

Reply with “M2020GA”, and I’ll make sure you’re at the head of the queue when we’re handing out links for the Make 2020 Great Again Bumper Black Friday Bundle.


*The metaphorical hand-crafted gift boxes, and the metaphorical lithographers, of course.

PS: Thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday. I’m not counting years anymore, but your words mean more than I can say. x

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