Easy vs Hard

As my Dad used to say, there’s an easy way and a hard way to do most things.

Here are some examples I come across every day in business:

EASY WAY: Engage in conversations with people
HARD WAY: Start selling to everyone as soon as you meet them

EASY WAY: Ask people about themselves
HARD WAY: Tell people about you

EASY WAY: Speak quietly, clearly and with a big message
HARD WAY: Strut around like a boss and shout a lot

EASY WAY: Adapt your services to your clients’ needs
HARD WAY: Push people round to your way of thinking

EASY WAY: Hold the saw lightly and let the blade do the work
HARD WAY: Force the saw through the wood with all your strength*

*My Dad most often brought up the Easy/Hard adage when I was attempting “woodworking” – AKA breaking saw blades. Not sure if there’s a business analogy there, but it sure rings true with sawing.

Author: Jonny

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