Effortless Marketing Part II

After writing and recording the stuff about Effortless Marketing last week, I had such a great bunch of feedback that I wanted to expand a little on Relationship Building vs Lead Generation.

Like many of you, doubtless, I’ve subscribed to these self-styled gurus, claiming their course will “guarantee you a 7-figure launch”, whatever that means. Or maybe they’ll show you how to crack the code of Facebook ads and make $50,000 a month.

But here’s the news: even if any of that stuff worked – and it sometimes might – it’s till a damn sight harder than putting on your game face and just talking to people.

Whatever you’re selling, relationships give you opportunities that lead generation simply can’t, and never will.

Every day, make 5 new LinkedIn connections, or additions to your Facebook Group. Go to one real, live networking opportunity every week.

Then all you have to do is ask questions, listen and learn how you can serve.

More tomorrow.


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