Emails You Must Send

If I told you you could send five emails that were sure to change your life for the better, would you risk not sending them? 

New York-based science blogger Eric Barker has identified just those five, and the benefits they bring:

  • HAPPINESS: Each morning, email a friend, colleague or family member and say thanks for something. Here’s why it’ll make you happier
  • WORK: Once a week, email your boss or client and sum up your accomplishments. They probably have no idea how you spend your time.
  • GROWTH: Send an email a week to a potential mentor. The bigger and more successful, the better. Here’s how to get through to them
  • FRIENDSHIP: Email all your close friends at least every two weeks and make plans to meet. That’s how you keep the relationship alive.
  • CAREER: Pick people in your network who you have a “weak tie” with, and ask how you can help them, or ask a quick favour.

In the era of infinite connectivity through social media, the email dinosaur is far from extinct.

Use it to supercharge your life, starting now.

Author: Jonny Cooper | Try me with one of those emails!

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