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Facebook Groups Mastery

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Get Your Ideal Clients Chasing You In 7 Days [Without Spending A Penny On Ads, Working Like A Dog Or Losing Your Mind]

Build your own thriving community on the world’s biggest social media platform

Would you like to learn the EXACT process that’s grown the Jonny Hates Marketing Facebook Group to over 5,200 members and generated over £400,000 in high-value sales in just two years?



You’re a skilled coach or therapist. But it’s no use just being the best. You also need to be the best-marketed

You’ve got no engagement on your FB Business Page

Not surprising, as the world’s biggest social media platform makes its money by selling ads to businesses like yours.

Why would they let you run your Page for free, and get the same results as others who are paying?

Unless you’re a major brand or public figure, forget trying to create leads this way.

You find LinkedIn a bit dry, unresponsive and corporate

LinkedIn is an awesome network, but it’s just that: a network.

A Facebook Group is a community, where engagement, interaction and reach is exponentially greater than you could hope for on any other social media platform.

No more bios, career CVs and stuffiness. Let’s have fun!

You’re overwhelmed by all the social media platforms

You need to hang out where your clients hang out, and hang out with them.

They might be on IG, Tik Tok, or Clubhouse, but 2.2 billion people use Facebook every day, so your clients are most likely there too.

If you only focus on one social media platform in 2021, then a Facebook Group is the no-brainer.


You want to build a thriving community of your rabid fans – but without spending all day on social media

What if you stopped doing All The Things — and focused on ONE thing that built you a REAL business and got you paid?

That’s probably a “YES”, right?

Keep reading, and I’ll show you how…

Here are some truths about social media in 2021.

Your clients are sick of being spammed with connection requests and irrelevant sales messages on all platforms.

Your clients are smarter, more impatient and more selective about who they follow and connect with online.

Your clients need to believe that you’re the ONLY person who can help them solve their big, expensive problem.

..and here’s why a Free Facebook Group ticks all those boxes.

Your tribe feel like they’ve come home

You get to engage and speak with ONLY your ideal clients

EVEN BETTER: you can do all this in less than an hour a day!

THE 3Ms of Facebook Group Mastery


Understand why YOU want a Facebook Group, and why would your ideal members want to join.

Being clear on what your Group is FOR is the essential first step.


We’ll show you how to identify your ideal members, where to find them, and how to get them into your community, while actively repelling everyone else.

You’ll learn how to welcome new members so they start to recognise you as their expert host.


Now your ideal members are rolling in, you’ll get to engage, enthral and entertain them using 3 simple types of irresistible posts.

They’ll feel that yours is the ONLY Group that can get them where they want to go, and solve their biggest challenges forever.


When you build a community of ONLY your ideal clients, your level of engagement, conversations and revenue will sky-rocket.

A Facebook Group is far-and-away the #1 way to build an engaged community of your ready-to-buy clients in 2021

Here’s what’s inside the

Facebook Groups Mastery


It’s Everything You Need to Earn Money From The Most Powerful Social Media Platform On Earth, Without Paying A Penny In Ads!

Here’s everything that’s included:

Registration To The 90-Minute Mini-Workshop (Normally £97)

 “Name-Your-Group” Cheatsheet (value £27)

 “Design-Your-Group-Banner” Template (value £27) 

 “Non-Spammy-Invite-Members-Direct Messages” Swipe-Files (value £197)

☞ Please-The-Algorithm-To-Get Engagement Cheatsheet (value £27)

 How-To-Never-Run-Out-Of-Post-Ideas Cheatsheet (value £27)

 BONUS: The Recording Of The Mini-Workshop (value £97)

Total Value: £499

Today’s price: just £27

Here’s exactly what we’ll cover during the Facebook Groups Mastery Mini-Workshop

(This will be transformational for your business!)


What Your Group Is For


The easy way to define a purpose for your new Facebook Group

Understanding the ONLY two reasons people join a Facebook Group

Matching your Group to your personal values, mission and ethos

How to name your Group so your ideal members are magnetically drawn to it

How to effortlessly make your Group LOOK like you mean business


Who You Want In It


The simple hack to decide who your ideal members really are

Why repelling people you DON’T want to join your Group is your #1 priority

The ONLY way to welcome new members and get them talking to you

The template for an irresistible “ABOUT” section to attract the right people

The no-brainer way to discover what your members ACTUALLY want in your Group


How To Grow It Forever


The art of engagement: entertain, educate, enthral in 20 minutes a day

How to identify members who look like your next ideal clients

Get your first paying client in
7-days using my unique RSVP system

Capture email addresses and build your list using this simple tool

Monetise your Group and earn whatever you want, on demand 


You’ll get the end-to-end process we use every day to nurture relationships and create high-value clients in the 5,000+ member Jonny Hates Marketing Facebook Group

Do I need any tech skills to create and grow my thriving Facebook Group?

It’s a concern for many – “I’m a technophobe” – and I get that. That’s why I’ve put together a BONUS-BUNDLE of tech guides and cheat-sheets to show you EXACTLY what you need to make everything run as smoothly as a well-greased toboggan


Please-The-Algorithm-To-Get Engagement Cheatsheet (value £27)

However great your content, it means nothing unless people get to see it and read it. 

Here are your essential hacks to stay on the right side of the mythical FB algorithm, and enthral your readers.


“Design-Your-Group-Banner” Template (value £27)

Your members will get to see only your banner before they join your Group, so it has to do some heavy-lifting.

Use our handy template to make sure it fits and looks like it was made by someone who cares…


“Non-Spammy-Invite-Members-Direct Messages” Swipe-Files (value £197)

Described as the “Million-Dollar Messages” by some members, these are the secret swipe files that we use to invite people to the Group in a friendly, conversational way. 

BONUS-on-BONUS: This pack also contains the next-level messages you can use to invite members to a coffee-conversation with you. Yes, that’s where sale are made…

I love Facebook Groups because they’re the single, easiest way to build a thriving community of raving buyers on social media.

I’m Jonny Cooper

15 years ago, I sold a multi-million pound business I’d built over nearly a decade. 

On paper, I guess I was a multi-millionaire. I had some of the trappings – a Ferrari, a suburban mansion, a villa in Spain – but I wasn’t happy. Marketing a traditional financial consultancy with 200 staff and 8 local offices around the UK was a huge task, and it took its toll.   

I felt burned out, overworked, stressed and anxious at the prospect of the whole thing coming tumbling down.

That’s why I sold out, hoping for a baseline of actual wealth to springboard me to my next great adventure. And I ALMOST pulled it off. 


In an unforeseen stoke of desperately bad luck, the company who bought my business went bust before they paid me, forcing me into personal bankruptcy and a haze of self-doubt and broken confidence that lasted years.

Until…I realised how easy it could be to build a business online, using social media. 

A business that requires next-to-no staff, no premises and no daily grind running a monolithic 20th-centrury enterprise.

Then when I discovered Free Facebook Groups, I couldn’t believe how easily this whole thing could come together. 

Launching Jonny Hates Marketing in 2017 as a private client attraction Group exclusively for coaches and therapists just like you, my transformation was complete.  

Since then, I’ve helped over 500 inspiring entrepreneurs with 1:2:1 strategy sessions, and over 180 of you have been through my legendary Client Attraction Blueprint programme, building your expert businesses week-by-week from the ground up.

I now have time freedom, location freedom and financial freedom.

NONE OF THAT would be possible without leveraging the power of The Great Blue Gift From Heaven – the FREE Facebook Group. 

Let me show you how to build your life of freedom too. That’s all I want for you.  

Facebook Groups Mastery Mini-Workshop

Learn the essential basics of launching and growing your own free Facebook Group

…then use my proven system to turn members into high-value clients at will.

Here’s everything that’s included:

Registration To The 90-Minute Mini-Workshop (Normally £97)

“Name-Your-Group” Cheatsheet (value £27)

“Design-Your-Group-Banner” Template (value £27) 

“Non-Spammy-Invite-Members-Direct Messages” Swipe-Files (value £197)

Please-The-Algorithm-To-Get Engagement Cheatsheet (value £27)

How-To-Never-Run-Out-Of-Post-Ideas Cheatsheet (value £27)

BONUS: The Recording Of The Mini-Workshop
(value £97)

Total Value: £499

Today’s price: just £27

When you’ve done the Facebook Groups Mastery Mini-Workshop, you’ll have everything you need to… 


Define your unique Motive for creating your Group that serves your needs, and your members’


Identify your ideal Membership and understand the simple process to attract them 


Install a robust process to build and sustain Momentum in membership and engagement