Fancy a selfie with Tony Robbins?

A friend of mine recently went to a “conference” [actually a performance] starring the motivational giant himself. 

Her costs:

Ticket: £995
Travel: £200
2 nights in hotel: £300
2 days off work: £600
Food: £90

Total Costs: Over £2,000

But, she got what she went for: a selfie with the great man, substantial arm round her shoulder, and social media fodder for a few hours, at least.

When I asked her what she REALLY took away, she said, oh, I’m just really motivated now.


I may be biased, but wouldn’t it have made more sense to invest that money in coaching that actually created a lasting impact, and, well, GOT STUFF DONE?

The type of programme you get when you work with me, for example:

No hotel needed
No days off work – it’s all ON work
No extra food
No travelling
12 weeks of full immersion
No lectures, just learning and implementing
Making close friends with a few colleagues at the same stage you are

I love conferences – sometimes – but you can’t expect to turn your life around in a day, and in a room with 1,000 other people.

If you want to get more bang for your buck than buying an expensive concert ticket, reply with CAB, as my Client Attraction Blueprint programme is open for February registration NOW. 


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