Frequently Asked…


If a coaching support site had an FAC (Frequently Asked Complaints) section, this is how it’d probably read:

C: I can’t get my Buffer/Tweet Adder/ManyChat to automatically get potential clients contacting me.
A: Neither can anyone else, because that’s not the way the world works. Put some time into nurturing relationships, give value, and your clients will begin to announce themselves to you.

C: Nobody wants to buy my course, which I just spent 3 months creating.
A: Maybe you should have spent 3 months instead talking to your ideal clients and getting into their world of pain and desires. Then you could have built something they actually wanted.

C: My mate’s a coach, and he’s got three houses and two Mercs. Why haven’t I?
A: Not all coaches are successful, but some just work harder, smarter and/or get lucky. Stop comparing yourself to others and be the best version of yourself you can be.

C: Why do I keep getting asked for refunds?
A: Probably because you’re not listening. Ask everybody who wants their money back, why? Make a list of reasons and engineer them out of your business, one-by-one.

C: Why do I keep getting blocked on Facebook?
A: I’d answer that, but you’re blocked so I can’t see you.

To Be Continued…


PS – Check out the new face of the FB Group. Waddya reckon?

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