Getting Started

Getting Started

What a fantastic feeling yesterday.

365 days stretched out ahead of me like a blank canvas.

I’m always tingling with anticipation on Jan 1st, even though deep down I know it’s just another day.

Now the festivities are behind you, and you’ve got one hand on the box for the Xmas decs, what’s next. Or, in the spirit of the New Year, what’s first?

For me, it’s about throwing open the enrolment doors for the February intake of The Success Project LIVE, my small-group, high-attention programme for coaches serious about finding more of their ideal clients more easily in 2018. And telling my community all about it, so they have the chance to apply if it suits them.

Here are some other great, perennial first steps that never fail to kick-start a new year:

  • Ask your favourite client who else they know who might benefit from what you’ve been doing together
  • Send an email update to your followers telling them what you’re doing and asking if they want to get involved
  • Recontact all your past clients and ask what they need most right now
  • Ask your current clients to write testimonials for you and post them all across your media
  • Start a new habit. Mine is a new daily movement routine, but it could be food, drink, sleep or anything else you fancy

Whatever you do, do something, and do it now.

Tomorrow is T minus 363, and the countdown spins crazy fast. 


PS – The small-group, high-attention programme I mentioned is right here. Enrolment open now, and shuts off when we’ve got 6 (SIX) professional coaches, trainers, therapists or consultants who want to make 2018 their BYE.

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