Giving a S**t vs Really Not

It’s Independence Week here in Jonny Hates Marketing, and here I am in sunny Marbella, with a story from the trip here on Friday about caring for your customers, and why it matters.



  • Wouldn’t seat my wife with me and Oscar
  • Left us standing outside in the rain for ages to get on
  • Had to carry the stroller down wet metal steps to the plane
  • I couldn’t take my coffee on board – “health & safety”
  • Rowdy, drunken passengers standing in the aisle the whole flight


  • Owner (Rainer) met us in the street to carry our bags
  • Drove with me to car park so I didn’t get lost
  • Beautiful, luxury pad with everything we need
  • Mega wifi and full TV subscription package
  • Rainer just a call away 24/7

Whatever you’re doing in business, you can choose:

Are you a Ryanair, or are you a Rainer? 

Either might work, but one’s way more fun and gets you more referrals.


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